Initiatives with youth-at-risk in Hong Kong


作者:edited by Francis Wing-lin Lee


出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press

出版地:Hong Kong

集叢名:Caring for youth series


ISBN:978-962-937-174-6 ; 962-937-174-X

Vulnerable young people lacking self-esteem and aspiration are usually regarded as more at-risk. They deserve transformational change to ease rising problems associated with property crime, violence, illegal drugs, truancy and exclusion, etc.

Written by a host of scholars, frontline practitioners and supervisors of related expertise, this edited volume in nine chapters is a welcome addition to the study of the problems and practical issues of Youth-at-risk (YAR) in the context of Hong Kong. With an excellent and interesting analysis of a wide range of intervention programmes, this volume will help readers explore different initiatives for working with YAR, both theoretically and practically.

This book will certainly be of interest to social work and welfare academics, professionals from a range of youth services and voluntary organisations, carers, parents and family networks. Social policy specialists and youth justice students will also find the description of initiatives in the local context interesting and valuable.

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